About Writer WordPress Theme

This is a purely content-only theme with a design catered to typography and readability, driven towards writers. There are no menus, widgets, pages, search, or anything else outside of the posts page and single posts. This is a minimalist, responsive theme designed around content, not bells and whistles. Thank you. — If you need any help, you can email us directly at: contact@writerwp.co.

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WriterPro Features

- Only $5
- Add Custom Logo
- Add Custom Background
- Add Custom Header Fonts (including Google Fonts)
- Add Custom Header and Link Colors

WriterPro FAQ

How do I customize the theme?
Once logged into your WP admin, from the main menu, go to: Appearance > Customize.

How do I add Google Fonts?
1. Browse fonts here.
2. Then, under: Appearance > Customize > Fonts add the font name you've chosen to the "Header Text Font" field.
3. Finally, save and refresh the page to preview the new font.

Support & Feature Requests

Just shoot us an email.

It doesn't matter whether you're using the free version or pro version. I can help with everything from basic theme and WordPress settings questions, to plugin help, and even some CSS and HTML support. There are no set time limits or additional fees required for your ability to receive support.